Experience the incredibly dynamic and joyful style that the world knows as Bollywood. You won’t regret booking us for your event as you will be thoroughly entertained first hand with the theatrical style it is iconic for with expressive boy and girl interactions constantly on show!

To top it off, you will have the choice of how your audience is drawn in by our stunning costumes. You can choose from either authentic traditional costumes and jewellery or a more Westernised Bollywood twist that we can dress in for your entertainment.



We also offer the lively Bhangra dance style, originating from the northern part of India in the Punjab region, which incorporates a much more upbeat rhythm with stunts and acrobatics throughout!

With this being one of our most lively and famous styles, your audience will want to party all night after our dancers set the scene through jumps, shoulders, energy and interactions.


Classical and Folk

Celebrate the great country of India and bring your audience on a vast journey throughout the land by exposing them to our Classical and Folk style performance.

Captivating and friendly for both connoisseurs or not, with the intricacy and precision of hand gestures and footwork of our talented dancers whilst respecting and continuing the traditional style itself. We will encapsulate you in a world of outstanding jewels and costumes!

This performance is known to be a crowd favourite, choose it to see why!



Take your audiences on an exotic experience through the Middle Eastern culture with our enchanting bellydancers putting on an elegant yet mysterious show for you.

Booking us for a bellydancing gig ensures you get authentic technical movements and charming ladies to perform them with many intricate props simultaneously!


Latin Styles

The latin experience is not one to be missed with our sassy performance getting audiences heart racing and feet bopping! An incorporation of many latin styles allows a fun, fast paced show for you. Cheeky and vibrant moves will leave you feeling energised and upbeat ready to join us on the floor! Choosing this style for your event is one to be seriously considered and encouraged!


Fire Twirling

For an unforgettable experience, book our most spellbinding style yet that leaves audiences blown away!

Our professional twirlers will captivate you in every second of this dance come circus performance leaving it until the finale as it’s renown for its show-stopping sensation!

With professionality and safety of this performance being first priority for your audiences, you can be assured that it is both adult and children safe too. Sit back and let yourself be immersed into the magic!



Allow your audiences entertainment to be taken to new heights with our aerial act performance, combining the sensation of the circus with the elegance of dance.

Through much specific and technical skills training, this show is rare to find. This act sets our unique dance troupe apart from the rest and is strongly encouraged for a little magic to be added your event.