School Incursions

Bollywood and Bellydancing are fantastic ways to:

  • Learn about a different culture
  • Get and stay fit
  • Bond with one another
  • Improve coordination and balance
  • Bring magic to one’s life
  • Be more tolerant and open minded
  • Feel fantastic and confident
  • Have fun

Teaching skills

  • WWCC cards held by all our teachers.
  • Up to date with the pupils’ centres of interest by staying in regular contact with children and teenagers.
  • Our lead instructor, joins her knowledge and training as a fully qualified high school teacher as well as her 10 years of experience as an activity leader for all ages to prepare and plan every class according to the latest educational practices.
  • Safety is at the centre of our class planning and monitored at all times.


Lesson Plans Adapted:

  •  To the age of the pupils and their motor functions, coordination skills and limited time of concentration.
  • To the number of pupils in the class. We are used to managing groups of varied size from 10 up to 100. For large groups, depending on how many of our teachers you have booked, the cooperation of some of your teachers/supervisors may be required for obvious safety issues.
  • To the space provided by the school. All we need is a space large enough for each pupil to extend their A power point is appreciated but not compulsory for small to medium groups.


Our Aims

  • Exercising – dancing is a great exercise for fitness and flexibility.
  • Educating – helping the pupils discover different cultures.
  • Developing respect of others and acceptance of differences – by introducing the pupils to different traditions and customs we help them understand and accept others.
  • Team bonding – the pupils will be invited to interact and help one another.
  • Building self-confidence – via a highly interactive class which will be sure to get all the pupils to join in.
  • Entertaining – thanks to a very fun and diverse program.