Team Bonding

Looking at creating a stronger bond between your employees or team mates? Here is a perfect workshop for you. If you have a female only team then Bellydancing or Bollywood are an amazing way to bond. If you have a mixed team, Bollywood is perfect to help bridge the potential gap between the sexes.

Bollywood and Bellydancing are fantastic ways to:

  • Learn about a different culture
  • Get and stay fit
  • Bond with one another
  • Improve coordination and balance
  • Bring magic to one’s life
  • Be more tolerant and open minded
  • Feel fantastic and confident
  • Have fun

They are a great team exercise because they:

  • Increase spatial awareness
  • Develop body language / non verbal communication
  • involve pair work
  • increase complicity
  • minimise walls between people
  • increase the sense of unison via synchronicity
  • increase the sense of belonging to a group
  • release tensions thanks to joyful and up beat music


Companies love it because:

  • The instructors are fully trained and stunning
  • We have a comprehensive insurance
  • We take care of everything
  • We can come to you
  • We bring our own sound system
  • We bring all necessary props and accessories for the participants to feel in the mood


If in house (in our Oakleigh South Studio):

  • No studio hiring fee charged
  • No clean up needed
  • Space pre decorated (Indian drapes and frames)
  • Easy access and plenty of parking


Our Standard Package Includes:

  • Total duration: 1.5hrs
  • A 1hr Bollywood Dance Workshop including a demonstration by our stunning performer
  • 30min food time / conversation
  • A fully dressed professional performer and teacher
  • Full dress up for your special employee / team member (if applicable)
  • Accessories for every other participant
  • The possibility to use our kitchenette to prepare cakes and goodies*
  • The workshop can be held at our studio in Oakleigh South or at any location around Victoria


Our custom packages can also include:

  • The services of a professional henna artist
  • Catering (Indian style, of course!)*
  • Extra hours of studio / Arabian Lounge hire*

* (Option only available at our studio in Oakleigh South)


Minimum requirements:

  • Number of participants: minimum 10
  • Any level of fitness
  • No previous dance experience required



  • From $25 / participant
  • Mid Week Discounts! From Monday to Thursday (including school holidays!) = save $5 / participant!